How to find the caliber number of a watch movement?

The location of the caliber number depends on the watch brand and/or movement inside.

On mechanical movements, you can traditionally find the caliber number under the balance wheel.

Watch Movement Caliber Number Location

Sometimes the caliber number is etched on the rotor of automatic watches.

Watch Movement Find Caliber Number

Quartz watches will usually have the located somewhere visible on the main plate or circuit board of the movement.

Watch Caliber Number Locator

Some Ronda movements have the number on the outer plastic ring.

Watch Movement Caliber Numbers Ronda Quartz Location

Some brands put the caliber number on the case (e.g., Orient caliber numbers and Seiko caliber numbers).

Many China-made movements do not have a caliber number anywhere on the movements.

For more on watch calibers and movements, check out Caliber Corner.

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