What Does “PCL” Mean on Rolex Watches?

You may see the term PCL on Rolex forums or other watch communities online. What does the acronym PCL mean? You want to know the meaning of this Rolex terminology, but you don’t want to feel stupid asking the pros. Watch FAQs has you covered…

PCL stands for “Polished Center Links” on Rolex watches.

When the bracelet has brushed/satin outer links, but polished center links… that is PCL.

Examples of Rolex models with PCL:

Below is a photo example of PCL on a Rolex GMT-Master IIc bracelet:

Rolex Polished Center Links Gmt Master Ii

Rolex Datejust II with PCL polished center links:

Rolex Polished Center Links Datejust Ii

PCL Sport Models:

As you see from the watches above, PCL aka polished center links are also found on some Rolex sport model watches, not just dressier watches like the Datejust. But even though it is available on some watches, most sport models Rolexes are still sold with BCL, which is the opposite of PCL. The fun part is that if you prefer BCL to PCL, you can easily convert your polished center links to BCL. The current Sea-Dweller, Deepsea Sea-Dweller, Submariner, and Explorer watches do not have PCL. But just like converting your PCL to BCL, you can have your BCL converted to PCL.

PCL on Gold Watches:

The two examples above are showing PCL polished center links on 904L stainless steel Oyster bracelets, but what about Rolexes with precious metals? PCL is also available on gold, platinum and Rolesor bracelets. Here is an example of an 18K white gold Rolex Day-Date President with PCL:

Rolex Polished Center Links President Daydate

Next we have an 18K yellow gold Rolex Sky-Dweller with polished center links (PCL):

Rolex Pcl Polished Center Links Gold Skydweller

What do you think about PCL, do you prefer the polished centers? Add your comments below…

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