What Causes Rolex Bracelet Stretch?

Rolex Bracelet Stretch How To

Does your Rolex Jubilee bracelet look like it’s about to snap? Did you buy a Rolex from a used watch seller with a bracelet that looks like it’s been put through the ringer? You may be wondering what caused your metal bracelet to get so stretched out. Watch FAQs has the answer!

What is bracelet stretch?

When the space between the links on your watch’s bracelet starts to turn into gaps. This causes the bracelet to fit more loosely than before. This typically happens on the older hollow link Jubilee and President bracelets.

What causes bracelet stretch?

Most Rolex owners with a stretched bracelet think it’s the softness of the gold which is stretching out. Close, but not quite. While the issue is related to the softness of the gold, it’s not so much because the gold is stretching – at least initially.

The primary cause of Rolex bracelet stretch is the friction between the holes in the links and the pins or screw bars that hold them together to form the bracelet. When dirt and grime get in between the links, the bars create a grinding chamber with microscopic particles of dust (glass) that begin to wear away at the holes. The holes start to expand and the stretching begins.

Once gaps are large enough between the links, the weight of the entire watch starts to cause more pressure and force on each gold link, with heavier grinding in the holes, and more stretching.

How to reduce the possibility of bracelet stretch?

The main way to keep your bracelet stretch-free is by keeping it clean. Wash your bracelet often with mild soap and a toothbrush. You can also find watch specific sprays that will help to get rid of the dirt and dust building up in your links. You will simply spray it on and let it soak in, then brush and rinse. In addition to keeping your Rolex bracelet clean, it should not be sized too tight or too loose.

Pro Tip: If you’re worried about bracelet stretch when purchasing a used Rolex watch, simply ask the seller to show you a picture of the bracelet being curved sideways. Just remember not to be too alarmed when you see some stretching going on, since it’s very common in older Rolex TT models.

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