What Are Quick Release Springbars?

Quick-release or fast change springbars are springbars that have a prong or prongs that you squeeze together with your fingernails to quickly remove the strap without a tool.

Quick Release Spring Bars

Most quick release straps have one prong. The example below is of a Sablier watch strap.

Quick Remove Spring Bar Strap Sablier Watch

And another single prong example found on a Fromanteel watch:

Quick Remove Spring Bar Strap Fromanteel

Some some quick-release springbars are double sided with two prongs that need squeezed, such as on the Vincero Vessel below:

Fast Release Springbars Vincero Watches

Quick release straps can also be found on bracelets, below is an example from this Epos Sportive diver watch:

Quick Release Springbars Bracelet

How to use quick-release springbars?

Slide it to the side to release the tension from the spring loaded bar and remove the strap at an angle. To reinstall, put the side without a prong first, then squeeze the prong, slide the strap in place and release the prong – you may have to gently move it around until the springbar mechanism finds the hole and pops in.

What are the advantage of quick-release springbars?

The first advantage of quick-release springbars is in the name: quick. No tools needed, making it an ideal system for watch enthusiasts who like to change their watch strap often. Another advantage is that quick-release springbars tend to be built into the strap design. This means you won’t have bars flying around the room.

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