What is a Grail Watch?

What Is A Grail Watch

A grail watch is a timepiece that you desire to have. It is like a goal. It’s not necessarily an unobtainable watch. It doesn’t have to be expensive or hard to find, although that is where the term originated from – like the holy grail. Watch forum members would see a watch they wanted but couldn’t obtain and call it their grail.

A grail watch can also be a watch that you really wanted and already acquired. For example, when showing off your vintage Breiting AOPA Navitimer, a watch that you spent years saving and hunting for, you might say “this is my grail watch”.

A grail watch is simply the watch that is at the top of your list of watches.

So, what is your grail watch? Leave a comment below…

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Thomas Hawk
Thomas Hawk
2 years ago

Yup, my first nice watch was a grail for me. It’s a watch that some love and some hate but all agree is a real stunner, the Movado SE 0604702. I lusted after that watch for years before I finally managed to get my hands on one and when I did, it was just glorious!.

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